Assessing Brady's fantasy value

There has been much discussion this offseason regarding how the Patriots offense will adjust and perform in light of the extensive personnel turnover it has endured. For those with an interest in Fantasy Football, there's a trickle-down effect that directly impacts quarterback Tom Brady, a top player at his position.

Christopher Harris of ESPN.com dives into the fantasy ramifications for Brady following the departures of Wes Welker, Brandon Lloyd, Aaron Hernandez and uncertain status of Rob Gronkowski to start the regular season, concluding that Brady remains an elite option among fantasy signal-callers (he has him ranked third).

The basis behind Harris' faith in Brady rests in both the offensive system in New England (he notes that despite Brady's robust passing totals in 2012, the Patriots still finished with the second most rushing attempts in the NFL), as well as a timely return from Gronkowski and the ability of Amendola.

Harris contends that the Patriots are more likely to stick with their up-tempo attack rather than slow things down this season, and while Amendola has had injury issues in recent seasons, based on ability he stacks up to Welker.

As for Gronkowski, he's forecasting an early return, which would surely be a boon for Brady and the entire Patriots offense.

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