Eagles' defenders share Pats insight

PHILADELPHIA -- One of the nice parts about joint practices from a media perspective is having the opportunity to speak with players from the opposing team, and asking them questions about the Patriots.

Their perspective can sometimes reinforce a previous thought, or perhaps present a different viewpoint.

With this in mind, ESPNBoston.com caught up with Eagles rookie cornerback Jordan Poyer (7th round, Oregon State) and third-year linebacker Casey Matthews, with a focus on the Patriots’ receivers and tight ends.

Poyer on receivers: “I actually played with Aaron Dobson, going back to after high school. We played on Team USA together back in Canton, Ohio and got to know him a little bit there, and played with him in the Senior Bowl. Since he was at Marshall, I’ve always known he was a great receiver – he has [good] hands and can run really good routes. One of the biggest challenges [defending] him is how he can go up and get the ball; he can high-point the ball and come down with it. I think that’s his biggest strength. Overall, they are really athletic receivers. They have that Wes Welker-type receiver in the slot [with Danny Amendola] – he’s quick, he’s fast, and a good route runner. And with Tom Brady it helps everyone out a little bit more.”

Matthews on tight ends: “You look at all their tight ends and receivers, from last year all those guys are gone. They need someone to step up and I think [Zach Sudfeld] did a real good job making plays out there. He’s one of those tight ends you can split out and create mismatches because he’s tall [6-foot-7], he’s a little quicker than most tight ends. He’s not your traditional tight end; he’ll go up for the ball. He’s a little more of a receiver than [Rob] Gronkowski, who finds a way to get open, and is very good at using his body and his size.”