Leftovers from Patriots practice


FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Leftovers from Patriots practice:

1. Tebow deflects talk of roster spot. Unlike his time with the Broncos and Jets, quarterback Tim Tebow’s roster spot is less secure. He was asked how much he focuses on that, and said that he tries to keep a day-to-day focus. “Just worried about improving every single day and having fun out there at practice,” he said.

When asked if a situation like this makes him hungry, Tebow turned jokester.

“No, I eat enough,” he said, smiling.

As for his passing stat line last Friday against the Buccaneers (1 of 7 for minus-1 yard), he said, “You definitely want to do better in some areas, and also you have different things happen that you just try to handle the best way you can.”

2. Sudfeld draws a big crowd. Rookie tight end Zach Sudfeld drew what looked like the biggest media crowd on Tuesday. He talked about turning the page from his solid performance against the Buccaneers, in which he hauled in a 2-point conversion and had a touchdown reception

“It was a great experience for me, but at the end of the day, at this point we’re playing the Lions,” he said. “It doesn’t really matter what you did last week. I have a lot to improve on for this week.”

Sudfeld also touched on the culture he’s experienced with the Patriots.

“Everyone in this organization knows what it takes to win. That’s something that’s great to see out there, a rookie to see how even the veterans are competing every day … that’s something I strive to be like those guys.”

3. Dobson: Rookies in it together. Rookie receiver Aaron Dobson said it’s nice to be going through the college-to-NFL transition with others in his situation, such as Kenbrell Thompkins and Josh Boyce. “They’re going through the same exact things that I am so we can definitely relate,” he said.

Dobson has noticed a change within the team entering the third week of the preseason.

“I can feel the transition; that this game is going be more intensity out there,” he said, adding that playing in his first preseason game helped him get the jitters out.

4. Arrington and Washington hold court. After being praised by coach Bill Belichick earlier in the day, cornerback Kyle Arrington was a popular presence among media members. Many of the questions reflected back on his career journey and how he’s emerged as a key player for the team. Veteran running back Leon Washington also drew a crowd. Washington touched on the value on special teams and the diversity of the team's running back group.