Weekly Patriots chat recap

Every Thursday on ESPNBoston.com, there is a New England Patriots chat in the late morning/early afternoon. Today's chat kicked off at 11 a.m. ET, can be recapped here, and included some of the following topics:

1. More thoughts on the defensive tackle position and possible Patriots approach to address that spot.

2. Comparing the free-agent market for Wes Welker in 2013 and Julian Edelman in 2014.

3. Veteran defensive end Will Smith, released by the New Orleans Saints, as an ideal target in free agency.

4. If you could add one past Patriots player in his prime to this year's team, who would it be?

5. Logan Mankins and his value to the team.

6. Envisioning a role for Michael Lombardi if he joined the Patriots' front office.

7. A believer that Aaron Dobson will become a bigger contributor in 2014.