Bruschi: Revis would be 'perfect fit' for Pats

On this morning's “SportsCenter”, ESPN analyst and former New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi was asked whether cornerback Darrelle Revis would be a good fit for the Patriots.

"Revis would be a perfect fit," Bruschi says in the video above. "If they want to make that type of financial commitment to Darrelle Revis, he would give them that flexibility. I'd put him as the top cornerback in the league when he's 100 percent healthy. That’s the type of skill he has."

The Bucs today are expected to cut Revis by 4 p.m. if they are unable to trade him before then. Revis, who is to make $16 million this season, would project to be paid better than any other cornerback in the league if he becomes a free agent.