Where Patriots rank in cap space

Let's start off the day with some numbers crunching...

The Patriots have just shy of $8 million in cap space, according to ESPN Stats & Information data. This ranks as the 18th most space in the NFL.

For perspective, the Browns have the most cap space at around $31 million. The Steelers are at the opposite end of the spectrum, hovering right at the salary cap.

What does it all mean?

Essentially, the Patriots have flexibility to make moves should they desire, but most likely, any additions they make will be closer to minimum levels.

Looking deeper into the numbers, the Patriots have $11 million in dead money on the cap, which is the 14th highest total among NFL teams. The Cowboys, at $28.8 million, have the highest dead money charge.

As for pure cash spending, the Patriots are just over the $100 million mark for 2014, which ranks as one of the lowest totals in the NFL, according to ESPN Stats & Information data. Only the Cowboys ($90.1M), Jets ($90.3M) and Texans ($92.1M) have a lower cash total for this year at this time.