Draft, quarterbacks & the Patriots

After all the discussion about top quarterbacks in the NFL draft in recent months, is it possible that more signal-callers end up being selected in the second round than the first?

That scenario was offered up by Peter King of TheMMQB.com in his widely-read "Monday Morning Quarterback" piece.

From a Patriots perspective, that scenario wouldn't be ideal.

As ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi noted on Sunday during the fifth-annual ESPNBoston draft preview event, the more quarterbacks picked early, the better it is for New England because it pushes other players down the board.

I'd add receivers, in what is considered a deep class but an unlikely position for the Patriots to address, into that mix as well.

That's why the projection of NFL.com's Gil Brandt, also part of "Monday Morning Quarterback", would be a better turn of events for New England: "Four quarterbacks and six wideouts in the top 32 for Brandt, if he had to pick it today."

This highlights one of the challenges for teams picking late in the first round, like the Patriots are at No. 29. It's hard to know what will unfold with many of the picks that will be made before that selection, so preparing for all scenarios is smart business.

As is often the case, quarterbacks (and to a lesser degree receivers) hold part of the key.