Salary survey from Patriots' view

ESPN The Magazine, with Sportingintelligence, identified the highest paying professional sports teams in the world as well as the highest paid players in the world.

A few thoughts from a Patriots/football perspective:

1. Football's salary cap sparks its success. The Minnesota Vikings ranked as the top football team, but landed at No. 115 on the overall list. Just another reminder of how the salary-cap system continues to be a big key to the league's business success. Owner Robert Kraft previously said the implementation of the cap was a big factor in his family purchasing the Patriots in 1994 because it leveled the playing field and rewarded those clubs that were well-managed. The Patriots placed 149th on the list.

2. Brady's place on the list. With the survey using 2013 data, Tom Brady's large signing bonus as part of his contract extension landed him at No. 7 on the list of highest paid athletes ($31 million). But if the same survey took place this year, Brady wouldn't register because his base salary is just $2 million. Brady for $2 million? That is one of the NFL's best bargains if we're looking solely at base salary.