Clayborn: 'Why did it take so long?'

Raymond Clayborn didn’t hold back.

When asked his initial reaction to learning that he was one of three finalists to the Patriots Hall of Fame in 2014, he said simply, “Why did it take so long?”

Now that he’s crossed that threshold, Clayborn (1977-89) shared more thoughts about joining cornerback Ty Law and coach Bill Parcells as the final three.

“I’m really honored,” he said Wednesday on a conference call. “Bill is already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and I believe Ty will definitely get there one day himself.”

In his playing days, Clayborn was known for strong man coverage, and is still tied atop the franchise all-time charts (with Law) for interceptions (36).

“To hold the record with him is an honor,” said Clayborn, adding that Law probably would have broken it if he didn’t get hurt in his final season with the club. Asked if he saw similarities between his style of play with Law, Clayborn touched on the ability to lock down one side of the field.

Clayborn and his wife have been living in Katy, Texas for the last 13 years, and he is currently recovering from November prostate surgery.

“Right now, being retired, I’m basically recovering from surgery,” he said, adding that he has three daughters and is also a proud grandfather. “It’s a process. It will be six months on May 4, a milestone, and I hope things start to get better. I’m hanging in there.”