Patriots players and workout bonuses

The Patriots begin their offseason workouts on Monday, and one factor to consider is that many players have a bonus tied to a certain level of participation in these workouts.

While it varies from team to team, generally speaking, most teams require their players to participate in at least 80-90 percent of the workouts to realize the bonus.

Below is an overview of each Patriots player with an offseason workout bonus:

CB Brandon Browner: $250,000

TE Rob Gronkowski: $250,000

G Logan Mankins: $250,000

LB Jerod Mayo: $250,000

DT Vince Wilfork: $200,000

K Stephen Gostkowski: $100,000

DE Rob Ninkovich: $100,000

WR Matthew Slater: $100,000

RB Shane Vereen: $100,000

S Patrick Chung: $60,000

S Devin McCourty: $50,000

LS Danny Aiken: $25,000

CB Logan Ryan: $20,000

S Duron Harmon: $5,500

DE Jake Bequette: $5,000

Total possible payout: $1,740,500

It should be noted that injured players do not have to actively take part in these workouts in order to collect the bonus. However, they do need to be present at the facility and operating under the guidance of the medical staff. So a player like Rob Gronkowski won’t be penalized if he’s unable to take part in the workouts as he continues his rehab -- provided he is present and following the proper rehab protocol set out by the medical staff, he will collect that $250,000 bonus.