Where does Patriots roster rank?

In his pre-draft news conference on Tuesday, New England Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio said he felt the team would have a competitive roster if a game were being played today. But how would that roster stack up against the rest of the NFL?

Evan Silva of Rotoworld undertakes the challenging task of examining each team's depth chart and ranking them 1-32, and he puts the Patriots at No. 4. The defending AFC champion Denver Broncos land at No. 2.

From Silva's view, the Patriots would benefit from targeting a "move" tight end early in the draft, and there is a need for an "interior difference-maker" on defense.

"This remains an elite NFL offense even as it experiences a transitional phase," Silva writes, before focusing on the other side of the ball. "The Patriots' secondary is as deep and talented as it's been in many years following the additions of [Darrelle] Revis and [Brandon] Browner."

Silva's work provides a nice league-wide snapshot to consider when evaluating one team, giving us a chance to add NFL context to any analysis.