Belichick's breakdown on draft picks

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The New England Patriots made nine selections in the 2014 NFL draft, and here are the things that Bill Belichick said about each pick that seemed most notable:

DT Dominique Easley (1st round, 29th overall) -- "He's a versatile guy who has played different positions along the defensive line. He's a very disruptive player and he showed up against good competition; a very explosive player. In college, I would say his stats might have been a little bit deceiving because a lot of times he was the disruptive person on the play, but he wasn't the guy who ended up making the tackle, or it wouldn't be on the stat sheet. I think he has a good knack for that. He's smart, very instinctive, and definitely into football; an 'all-in' guy. There's not much to not like about him."

QB Jimmy Garoppolo (2nd round, 62nd overall) -- "He's got a lot of qualities that we admire in a quarterback. He's been a very productive player -- little different level of competition, but hopefully he can make that adjustment. The general qualities a quarterback needs to have are being able to manage the game, being able to do what the team needs to win, be accurate, be smart and be productive. He's done those things."

C Bryan Stork (4th round, 105th overall) -- "Most of the experience is at center, but I think he has some position flexibility. Physically, he has a pretty good skill set. He's strong, he can run. You can see him get out in front on screens and perimeter plays, that kind of thing."

RB James White (4th round, 130th overall) -- "Versatile guy, both running and receiving, a good player in the kicking game. I'd say there are a lot of similarities to [Shane] Vereen -- size-wise [5-foot-9 1/8, 204 pounds], skills-wise, production. I'd say he's a guy who has shown he has four-down value."

OT Cameron Fleming (4th round, 140th overall) -- "Right tackle. Big kid who played against a lot of good competition. They run the ball a lot and they run a very conventional offense compares to what some of the offenses are in college football, so you can kind of see him do a lot of the things that we see in the National Football League."

RG Jon Halapio (6th round, 179th overall) -- "Has been pretty much exclusively a guard. Big, physical, very strong guy. Powerful player."

DE Zach Moore (6th round, 198th overall) -- "He's got a lot of football in front of him. Lower level of competition there [in Division II] but he stood out and has a real good future if he can come in and develop some of the skills he has. I think he has a real interesting skill set -- he's long, has good quickness, good burst/get off the ball. But he needs a lot of work. It's probably going to take a little bit of time, but we'll see."

DB Jemea Thomas (6th round, 206th overall) -- "Played in a number of different spots -- in the kicking game, a little safety, a little nickel, some corner. It looks like he's got the ability to compete at all those spots. Versatile guy, smart guy. Really a four-down type player. He's an interesting guy."

WR Jeremy Gallon (7th round, 244th overall) -- "Small guy but compact and explosive. He's had a lot of big plays. Real top traits, hard-working kid, very competitive player. He's good with the ball in his hands, good after the catch. He can make people miss. I wouldn't say this is a specialty player and you need specialty plays for him. I think he can go out there and play receiver."