One view on Patriots: Give them a B

ESPN.com NFL Insider columnist Mike Sando puts together a thorough review of each NFL team's offseasons, assigning a letter grade to each squad with the assistance of former Indianapolis Colts personnel chief Bill Polian and others.

The Patriots land in the "B" category.

One area highlighted was the age of certain parts of the Patriots' roster, coupled with players returning from serious injuries.

Five of the seven Patriots players earning at least $5.5 million per season either missed much of last season or have underwent serious surgeries in the past couple seasons, or both. That list includes Revis, Danny Amendola, Gronkowski, Mayo and Wilfork. The others are Tom Brady, 36, and Logan Mankins, 32. Mankins played every game last season after missing at least six in two of the previous three.

"They could run into a problem if everyone hits the wall at the same time," Polian said. "They backed themselves up with younger players, but there is a lot of age in key areas on that team."

It was notable that the Denver Broncos landed an "A-minus" in the grading, as this offseason has been an "arms race" of sorts between the teams.