Revis and the best cornerbacks in football

When speaking about what it's like to go against cornerback Darrelle Revis in practice, receiver Brandon LaFell said Thursday, "It’s hard. You don’t want to look like a dumb butt on film. He’s a guy that’s seen it all. None of your tricks that you’re going to do is going to work on him."

One aspect of watching Revis over two organized team activities (OTAs) is how he's so technically sound, with few wasted movements and seldom putting himself in a bad position. His excellence doesn't necessarily create "wow" moments on a regular basis (the ball isn't coming his way often), but it's the consistency of being in the right spot play after play that makes an observer say by the end of practice, "That side is well locked down."

Dan Pompei's "Read Option" column on Bleacher Report touches on this dynamic as well, as Pompei explores the question of which cornerback deserves the title as best in the NFL. Seattle's Richard Sherman, Arizona's Patrick Peterson and New England's Revis are the three in the discussion.

On Revis, Pompei writes, "He did not play to the level of Peterson and Sherman last year, but he was coming off an ACL tear. It's very possible that this year Revis will reclaim the best cornerback crown, especially now that he can benefit from Bill Belichick's game-planning in New England."

Pompei also quotes receiver Brandon Marshall on Revis: "He is strong. He's technically sound. He's super-duper smart. His technique, there is no wasted movement. ... I don't feel that same way with any other corner. Not Joe Haden. Not Patrick Peterson. Not Richard Sherman."