Belichick stiff-arms attempts to talk Brady

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- If you are curious about how the New England Patriots are dealing with coming off one of the worst losses in recent memory, head coach Bill Belichick has a simple answer for you: "We are on to Cincinnati."

Questions are surfacing about the talent the team has around Tom Brady along the offensive line and at the skill positions, specifically wide receiver.

Belichick had an exchange with two reporters about the Patriots' long period of success and the talent around Brady:

Reporter: "Coach [Belichick], your team has been successful for so long, how difficult is it to react to the adversity of Monday night -- to get back on track so quickly -- because from a conditioning standpoint, this team, this organization hasn't had these sorts of issues in the past?"

Belichick: "We are on to Cincinnati."

Reporter: "Bill you mentioned Tom's age at the draft ..."

Belichick: "We are on to Cincinnati."

Reporter: "Do you think having a 37-year-old ..."

Belichick: "We are on to Cincinnati. There's nothing about the past, nothing about the future. Right now we are preparing for Cincinnati."

Reporter: "Do you feel that the talent you have here is good enough?"

Belichick: "We are getting ready for Cincinnati."

Reporter: "I'm just asking do you think you have done enough to help Tom Brady?

Belichick: "We are getting ready for Cincinnati. That's what we are doing."

Reporter: "So as you get ready for Cincinnati, does Tom Brady have the talent and protection around him to be on to Cincinnati and handle that challenge?"

Belichick: "We are going to gameplan to do the best we can to be ready to go Sunday night, same as we always do. Nothing has changed."