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Thursday, July 14, 2011
Breaking down what's on season tickets

By Mike Reiss

The Patriots mailed out season tickets this week and unlike past years, there are no fully identifiable players on them (likely a result of the lockout and uncertainty of the offseason).

Each game has been given a theme. Here is the breakdown:

Preseason Game 1 -- Jaguars
"The Preparation" (Bill Belichick photo)

Preseason Game 2 -- Giants
"The Anticipation" (generic kicking shot, at tight angle)

Game 1 -- Chargers
"The Passion" (fan photo)

October 9, 2011 ticket for the Jets vs. Patriots
Game 2 -- Jets
"The Rivalry" (action shot of Pats and Jets helmets colliding)

Game 3 -- Cowboys
"The Game Plan" (blurred shot of QB looking at play calls on wrist) 

Game 4 -- Giants
"The Atmosphere" (Patriots End Zone Militia)

Game 5 -- Chiefs
"The Destination" (player diving for pylon with ball)

Game 6 -- Colts
"The Teamwork" (group of players' hands joining on raised ball)

Game 7 -- Dolphins
"The Elements" (football on snowy field)

Game 8 -- Bills
"The Tradition" (three white Pat Patriot helmets)