Urlacher: 'We're the best team, period'

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher spoke about Tom Brady and the Patriots this week, complimenting the quarterback but saying he thought the Bears were the better team.

"Remember, we have [the Patriots] at home … the same like Philly,'' Urlacher told the Chicago Tribune, referring to a 31-26 win over the Eagles. "When we played Philly, everybody was saying they were the best, right? It's the same situation, and hopefully the same result.

"New England is the best team in the NFL, record-wise. But I feel like we're the best team, period. That's why I say record-wise. They have the best quarterback, numbers-wise. And everybody likes to go by numbers, right?''

Here’s more from Urlacher on Brady:

"Right now, he's playing better than anybody,'' Urlacher said. "There's no doubt about that. Comparing with Peyton Manning, they're just different. Well, maybe they're not different because both run their offenses. Whatever they want to do, they do it. But Brady's doing it better right now.

"He doesn't make any mistakes with the football. You're not going to trick him. You just better stick to your roles.'"