Brady: Porter's trash talk motivated us

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady acknowledged Monday that the team used Joey Porter's trash talk as a spark leading up to Sunday's 27-17 victory over the Dolphins.

"It's really motivating for our team throughout the course of the week and into the game when you hear that kind of stuff," Brady said on his weekly appearance on the "Dennis & Callahan" show on sports radio WEEI. "I think the guys take it to heart and the coaches take it to heart."

Porter finished without a tackle and sack, and then disappeared after the game when the majority of reporters entered the locker room.

"He's a great player, he's been a great player for a long time, but it's always great when you come out of the game and you understand that you kept one of their best players from [having] an impact on the game," Brady said. "We have to see him again in four weeks, so I'm sure he'll be juiced up for that game. Hopefully we can go out there and perform the same way."