Getting in the spirit

BOSTON -- In the over-the-top-excited category, 17-year-old Needham resident Kaushik Vasudevan is ahead by a country mile an hour before kickoff here at House of Blues Boston. The Needham High student is decked out in already-peeling face paint, plastic Uncle Sam hat and American flag draped over his skinny shoulders, and has been running back and forth in front of the big screen, blowing his long horn, starting chants and egging on the crowd.

“So pumped!” Vasudevan yelled when asked arguably the most obvious question in the world ("How pumped are you?"). “Beat the UK!”

After hitting up a party store last night and spending a half-hour working on his face this morning, Vasudevan met up with his friends at Elliot Station in Newton at 9 a.m. They then hopped on the T and promptly chanted “U-S-A!” the whole way over.

His friends -- themselves sporting red, white and blue afro wigs -- estimate that over the course of the ride to Kenmore Square, they handed out about 50 miniature American flags to passengers.

Here’s hoping Vasudevan and his crew don’t run out of caffeine.

Also, we've got our first extended "Beat LA!" chant going.