Fans satisfied with effort

BOSTON -- Clint Dempsey’s riveting goal in the 40th minute (or Robert Green’s flub, however you want to view it) sent the 3,000-plus in attendance at the House of Blues into a joyous roar.

Fans packed the venue, dressed in all sorts of creative garb, from the standard (face paint, flags, horns) to the smart (one fan, a history major at Boston University, dressed as a Revoutionary-era soldier) to the silly (it wouldn’t be complete without a RootSuit sighting, would it?).

But the faithful filed out fairly quickly once the final whistle blew on this 1-1 tie in the U.S.’s group play opener with England. After all, there was a Red Sox game to catch across the street.

American fans generally came away with the same sentiments, albeit to varying degrees. While the Yanks got off to a bad start, their effort over the final 60 minutes was encouraging enough to elicit confidence in the team going forward.

“The U.S. played hard, they earned a good tie,” said Bobby DeLuca, 38, of Watertown. “I’d like to see them play a little more aggressive going forward.”

Kyle Nasman, 23, of Mission Hill, said, "I’ll take anything. It doesn’t matter how you play, it’s always good to avoid a loss.”

As for the atmosphere? Nasman’s buddy Nick Brown, 21, chuckled “better than sitting [on a] couch.” He donned a different color -- South Africa’s yellow long-sleeved jersey -- though he said it was only because he didn’t have any U.S. gear.