Notes: Still plenty of motivation for Revs

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Their playoff hopes may have been dashed in D.C. on Saturday, but don’t tell the Revolution that there’s nothing on the line during their final five games of the season. Far from it.

Although midfielder Ryan Guy admitted that there’s “less to play for” now that the Revolution won’t be making postseason plans, he’s quick to point out that there’s still plenty at stake between now and the Oct. 27 season finale.

“We’re still fighting for our jobs and we’re still fighting for our positions,” Guy said after training on Wednesday. “Now, we’re looking to next year. Guys are going to be competing for spots and we’ve got new guys coming in all the time.”

With trialists entering the picture, and a number of players under the microscope, these final weeks of the season are going to be anything but easy. And that’s just fine by Guy.

Even though each of their final five games won’t carry as much weight as they did earlier in the summer, the fact is that no one’s ready to throw in the towel.

“At the end of the day, we’re all competitors,” Guy said. “We all love the thrill and hate the feeling of defeat.”

Picking their spots

With the high-charged Red Bulls in town on Saturday, Revolution head coach Jay Heaps knows his squad can’t throw caution to the wind.

While some clubs may look at New York’s gaping goals allowed average (1.69) and become wildly ambitious, expect the Revolution to take a disciplined approach instead.

“We have to find the right times to defend,” Heaps said after Wednesday’s training. “And when we do break, we have to find their pressure points.”

To do that, Heaps may rip a page from last week’s game against D.C. Although his club may have fallen short in the 2-1 loss, they hit a number of pressure points after collecting a club-record 28 shots on Saturday.

“I thought we did a nice job of that on Saturday (in D.C.),” Heaps said. “We dictated (much) of the flow of that game. But we have to finish our chances. Right now, it’s a matter of us getting a lot of quality chances, but just not taking them.”

Guy to Guam

Following Saturday’s game, Guy will be flying out to the Philippines for his first international match for Guam, which is playing in next week’s Paulino Alcantara Peace Cup at Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila.

Guy, who hails from San Diego, Calif., is eligible to play for the island nation because his father, Jesse, was born there. And while the midfielder admits that he isn’t entirely familiar with his international teammates, he’s certainly looking forward to the experience.

“I’m excited,” Guy said. “I’ve really been a part of their culture since I’ve been going there basically every year of my life in some way to go visit my dad.”

Guy and his Guam teammates are slated to play three games next week: Tuesday, Sept. 25 vs. Philippines; Thursday, Sept. 27 vs. Taiwan; and Saturday, Sept. 29 vs. Macau.

While Guy doesn’t harbor any World Cup hopes for the squad, he is intrigued by the prospect of building the program from the ground up.

“As a new FIFA soccer nation, I think we’ve got a ton of potential,” Guy said. “We have a lot of young players. Hopefully, I can come in and (assume) a leadership role and really help them rise to the international rankings.”