Olney: Sox players grumble about Bobby V

ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney writes an interesting piece this morning on what the Red Sox can expect from Bobby Valentine and what Valentine should do to make an impact with the players that will now be under his control. Even more intriguing is Olney's assertion that some Sox players were upset when Bobby V's name started to emerge in the process. An excerpt from Olney's piece:

As Valentine emerged as a managerial candidate, some Red Sox players have been upset; they've been grumbling to each other, through texts and phone calls. Maybe it's because they heard Bobby critique their play on the air. Maybe they haven't liked his tone. Maybe they haven't liked his smile. Maybe they've heard bad things. And the fact is they had no power to do anything about it, because the September collapse completely undercut the credibility of the Red Sox players. If one of them had called the front office to register concerns about Valentine, they might've heard laughter on the other end of the line. The Boston players had complete control of the clubhouse in 2011, and we know what happened.