Olney: Henry perplexed by Sox discontent

ESPN baseball insider Buster Olney weighed in this morning on the latest report of discontent in the Red Sox clubhouse, telling Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio that ownership is genuinely mystified by the sour relationship between some players and manager Bobby Valentine.

"Last week, Red Sox owner John Henry was talking with a friend of his and they were talking about all of these issues going on between Bobby and the players and John Henry was perplexed by this,” Olney told Mike and Mike (listen to the podcast HERE). "I think the ownership is still processing what they're hearing."

On Tuesday, Yahoo! Sports reported some players called for a change at manager at a meeting between a group of players and ownership in late July, an allegation that was vehemently denied by Dustin Pedroia.

Ownership has given Bobby V a vote of confidence, but the question remains whether the team would be better off with someone else at the helm for the rest of the season.

“The question goes forward to today, especially now that this has exploded and is out there in public, is it better now to make a change? Is it better for the organization to do it now or do they wait until the season is over?” Olney asks. "How confident are they that this is going to get better. I can’t see how, if they don’t make the playoffs, how they could feel it's more of a positive keeping Bobby.

“Even if you feel like the players have mishandled this, going forward knowing that two-thirds of the players in there basically don’t have a good relationship with Bobby, that’s a very difficult thing going forward.

“It's not only Bobby and the players, it's coaches, it's other members of the organization, it's front office staff, it's support staff. There's more unhappiness in this organization than I've ever seen in any organization I've been around in terms of people just not being happy at their work. By now, Red Sox ownership has to have a sense for that."

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