Olney: Give Cherington the keys to Sox

ESPN.com baseball insider Buster Olney sees a potential panacea for the toxicity that's currently eating away at the Red Sox, and his name is Ben Cherington.

In an Insider blog published Wednesday morning in the wake of the latest report of Sox discontent, Olney writes that he thinks John Henry would be wise to take a page from George Steibrenner and empower his general manager to run the organization how he sees fit.

Here's an excerpt from Olney's blog:

Henry should give full control of the team's baseball operations to Cherington, because he should know that above all else, Cherington is devoted to doing what's right for the Red Sox.

In Henry's decade-long stewardship of the team, Cherington has steered clear of Boston's thick culture of palace intrigue. There has been so much in-fighting, joked an AL executive, that interns are probably asked to take the first drink from each chalice -- for fear of poisoning.

For example: As soon as Theo Epstein departed as general manager last fall, leaving a power vacuum in the baseball operations, president Larry Lucchino stepped into the process of the managerial hiring and served as Valentine's patron saint -- something that never would have happened if Epstein had remained.

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