Lucchino: 'My role is not going to change'

BOSTON -- Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino would not discuss the status of his contract extension with the team Thursday, but said he fully expects to reach an agreement with the Red Sox that will keep him with the team for some years to come and that he will continue to have "a seat at the table" on baseball decisions.

"I expect to be here," he said. "I will not discuss my personal situation as regards to my contract, but my role is not going to change. I will have a seat at the table, and I love Boston."

Lucchino spoke after the team photo was taken. Neither principal owner John W. Henry nor chairman Tom Werner attended the photo shoot.

Lucchino was part of the original ownership bid that succeeded in its purchase of the club in December 2001. This is by far the worst season the Red Sox have had during that time, despite a payroll that for luxury-tax purposes will be at least $195 million and could approach $200 million before the season is finished, according to a team source.

On his weekly radio appearance on WEEI earlier Thursday, Lucchino also talked about his team's dismal season and emphasized that the Red Sox will spend the offseason looking "under every rock" in trying to determine what went wrong.

"I think we'll examine all options, absolutely," he said. "It's not a question of fine-tuning, it's a question of looking back to the fundamental things ... the approach, and the on-base percentage, we'll be concerned about that. The physical things, we will be concerned about. Do we have the right kind of system in place? When we won in 2004, our starting pitching pitched every opportunity they had. There was not a break. All five pitchers remained healthy and made their respective starts. ... So you need to build it all on pitching, and we'll focus heavily on that. But we'll look at everything."