Valentine flares when asked about ump

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine flared Wednesday afternoon when asked if he'd had a chance to review Erick Aybar's at-bat in the ninth inning Tuesday night, and whether Aybar had been hit by a pitch by Alfredo Aceves as plate umpire Andy Fletcher ruled.

"You know, I'm sick of people asking me whether or not we saw anything from the dugout and whether or not the umpires got the call right," he said. "Their job is to get the call right. Simple. If they don't get it right, that's not the players on the field's fault for not arguing it. It's not the people in the dugout's fault for not seeing it from 80 feet away.

"They have a job to do; just do it. I think. I really am sick of talking about that stuff. Thank you. If they can't do the job and get it right, you reporters should all change the system."

Replays were inconclusive whether the pitch hit Aybar, who told at least one reporter afterward that it had hit him "in the toe."

Last Thursday night in Boston, the Red Sox did not ask for a review of Vernon Wells' home run in the ninth inning of their 14-13 loss to the Angels. Replays showed that it should not have been a home run. Valentine was asked about it after the game and said no one on the field or dugout had suggested that the call should have been challenged. The fact he was asked about another call made five nights later may have prompted his ire, though managers routinely question umpires' calls.