Podcast: Bobby V on Michael Kay show

In what could be his last weekly appearance on the Michael Kay show on ESPN NY radio (listen hereListen), Bobby Valentine went through the now-familiar routine of answering questions about whether he'll return as Red Sox manager next season.

"I have no idea. But we’ll see. We’ll know sooner, I think we’ll know soon enough," Valentine said. "So no need to pop the champagne before it’s necessary."

He also said he did not know of any specific timetable to address his future with Sox management, saying “No, do you? You guys have probably heard more than I have.”

Asked whether he would have a season-ending exit interview, he said, “I have no idea.” Wonders or worries?

“It’s a question I’ve had to answer for about the last seven weeks so I’m kinda tired of it, to tell you the truth.”

Other podcast highlights:

On criticism from the Orioles and others on Monday’s lineup, when rookie Che-Hsuan Lin was in center field instead of Jacoby Ellsbury against Yankees lefty CC Sabathia: “I don’t know who was critical, I thought that was a pretty good lineup. You know, for what I had, the one guy (Lin) they were critical about got two or four hits. ... What, are you kidding me? That I’m being questioned on a lineup in September?”

On Dustin Pedroia, playing despite a broken finger: “Every game means something to Dustin, means a lot to Dustin. I love the way he plays. If his heart and soul were in every player in the major leagues we’d have the greatest brand of baseball known to man.

“He just wants to be part of it and wants to do everything he can to be as good as he can.”

On Dice-K, who's starting against the Yankees in the Sox season finale Wednesday: “I’m hoping he can give us a good effort. ... He’ll have a short leash but hopefully he can get some outs.”

On the Orioles and Yankees: “Baltimore’s bullpen has more length to it. ... Both teams like to hit the ball over the fence and rely on that. ... They’re evenly matched.”

To listen to the full podcast, CLICK HERE.