Farrell on Nieves: 'A very good fit'

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. -- During a conference call to announce Juan Nieves has been hired as his new pitching coach, Red Sox manager John Farrell said the decision was based on the longstanding rapport the two have.

"His ability, his communication and my understanding of Juan and what's important to him as a person, as much as a pitching coach, those were all factored into the ease of communication, which is going to be a major component once we get into in-game input that he'll have in the dugout," Farrell said. "I feel with our rapport and existing knowledge of the guys on the pitching staff already, this is a very good fit and a very good tandem."

Farrell expressed the importance of communication between the manager, the pitching coach and the entire pitching staff, and his confidence in Nieves' ability in that area.

"The ease of our working relationship will really foster that," Farrell said.

It was believed that longtime pitching coach Rick Peterson was the favorite for the job -- a baseball source last week told ESPNBoston.com that Farrell was "all in" on Peterson. Farrell said he was impressed with all four candidates who interviewed (Marlins pitching coach Randy St. Claire and Royals bullpen coach Steve Foster were the others) but Nieves got the job for a number of reasons.

"All four candidates that we sat and met with were strong candidates, but we felt with the ease of conversations with Juan, also looking at the pitchers he has helped in his time with the White Sox, there were a number of factors," Farrell said.

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