Should the Red Sox go get Joe?

Bob DeChiara/US Presswire

Forget the Jon Lester rumors, the Red Sox's big spalsh this offseason should be making a trade for Twins catcher Joe Mauer, who would project to fill the first base void left by Adrian Gonzalez. That's the case Gordon Edes makes in his latest column on ESPNBoston.com. Writes Edes:

"Gonzalez's departure leaves a gaping hole in the middle of the Sox lineup, the kind of hole that in the American League East, especially, you fill not with complementary players but with stars. The right star. Josh Hamilton is not that guy. Wonderful talent, to be sure, but too many question marks.

"Joe Mauer is that player. Five-time all-star, three-time batting champion, former MVP. He will be 30 years old in April, still in the prime of his career, and almost certainly receptive to making a position change from catcher to first base, to save on the physical pounding he has absorbed in nine seasons in the big leagues."

Edes argues that Mauer -- who is owed $138 million over the next six seasons -- makes business sense, too:

"While the Red Sox have been knocked for making baseball decisions with an eye on how it will play in their marketplace, it's foolish and naive to suggest it shouldn't be a consideration. The Red Sox need to win back the support they lost in 2012, when season-ticket holders had trouble giving their seats away. The business model does not sustain rebuilding seasons in Boston; the Sox need to show their fans they're committed to competing in 2013."

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