Edes & Mac: What's next for Sox?

ESPNBoston.com Red Sox reporters Gordon Edes and Joe McDonald weigh in on all the latest ins and outs concerning Red Sox Nation.

* Mike Napoli's status

McDonald: "Mike Napoli was supposed to have his introductory press conference with the Red Sox late last week, but when he did have his physical, there were some issues that the Red Sox found. Both sides are trying to work on that, to get that straightened out ... but GM Ben Cherington's confident that that will get done, and he will be in a Red Sox uniform very soon."

* Josh Hamilton's signing and the Red Sox's offseason strategy

McDonald: "Ben Cherington and John Farrell are certainly not done assembling this roster. They still have some pieces of this puzzle to put together before spring training.

"As far as Hamilton is concerned, obviously they went after him. They did their due diligence, as we reported. They did meet with him in Nashville, they sat down with him for close to two-and-half hours to try to get his take on where they wanted to go.

"But the one thing that we learned about the Red Sox is they went into the offseason with that disciplined spending mentality. ... At the end of the day they figured that this was not gonna be a good fit for the Red Sox, and obviously he went off and signed with the Angels."

Edes: "Clearly a big part of the Red Sox strategy is holding on to their young prospects, the guys that they think will figure very prominently in the very near future -- guys like Xander Bogaerts, Jackie Bradley Jr., Matt Barnes, when you add them to the Will Middlebrookses, etc.

* Jacoby Ellsbury's future in Boston

Edes: "Here's my big question for you, Mac. I think we differ on this one: Jacoby Ellsbury. I think if the right deal comes along, the Red Sox would consider trading Ellsbury a year away from free agency.


McDonald: "I think you're out of your mind, Gordon. I don't think they trade him. I don't think Ben Cherington is ready to take talent off of this roster; they're looking to add to it.

"And look, it's this simple: The Red Sox win when Jacoby is healthy and productive. And because he's going into that contract year, you know he's going to have a big year because he's going to look for that big payday. Don't trade him."