Morning report: Latest for the Fort

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Greetings from the Fort, where the skies are overcast for the first time in days. Boston Herald meteorologist Steve Buckley says there's a chance of rain today, and a bigger chance Thursday, but workouts today aren’t expected to be affected. In fact, the sun just made an appearance.

Workouts for pitchers and catchers continue Wednesday; we’ll post a list of who is scheduled to throw a bullpen session after we get in the clubhouse.

At least one big league scout from another club was here Tuesday, and I got to wondering if John W. Henry offered a hint that a trade may be in the offing in his media session the other day when he said, "We may not be finished yet." There was a report in the San Diego Union-Tribune Tuesday that the Padres had discussed internally whether to take a run at John Lackey. Padres manager Bud Black was Lackey’s pitching coach with the Angels.

Wanted to share what David Ortiz said about having Pedro Martinez in camp, and how it means something to the team’s hitters, too.

"Those are the things that give the fans hope," Ortiz said. "When you add a guy like Pedro to the organization, if I was a fan I would look at it and say, ‘OK, they’re trying to go back to those days when they won games.' I’m a hitter, and I learned so many things from Pedro when we played together. Even when he wasn’t here, there were times Pedro would call me. Pedro is baseball smart. When we played together, Pedro would tell me, 'This guy is going to throw you a change, so why don’t you go and sit on it' I’m talking to the master. So I would go out there and the guy threw me a change and I hit a homer. I’m walking around the bases and I’m saying, ‘How did he know that?’ But that was Pedro.

"Pedro has a different view of the game. Pedro wasn’t a 6-5 guy with an amazing body, but Pedro knew how to keep hitters off-balance when he pitched. Pedro, the same way he was able to talk to a pitcher, he was able to talk to hitters. He did it with me, he did it with Manny, he did it with Tek, he did it with a lot of guys. So I think it’s a plus. A super-plus. I think Pedro has six eyes, not two, because he sees a lot of things that some people aren’t able to."

Finally, great to see my friend Cal Grimes back at his security post here at Jet Blue Park. Folks in baseball circles on the North Shore may know Cal from his umpiring days. As he told me, "I’m learning to live with cancer, I’m not dying from cancer." A good man. A strong man.