Ellsbury remains out indefinitely

BOSTON -- Jacoby Ellsbury missed his fifth straight game Wednesday -- one game for every base he stole Thursday night against the Phillies. And the outfielder almost certainly will sit at least a couple of more, manager John Farrell said, and could still be headed to the disabled list.

“We’ve got to get him to the point of being 80 percent or better intensity level before we can consider putting him back in the lineup," Farrell said. “As we did with Shane [Victorino], we look at that eighth day of the 15 days [disabled period] as kind of a threshold to make a decision roster-wise.

“So right now, we’re still not thinking about putting him on the DL, 6but if this continues obviously we’ve got to get to that point.”

Rookie Jackie Bradley Jr. made his fifth start in center field in Ellsbury’s absence. He hit his first big-league home run Tuesday night, and had a two-double game Saturday in New York.