Sox fan Chesney takes the field

BOSTON -- It’s the World Series so naturally many celebrities will be attending games at Fenway Park.

While the Red Sox were taking batting practice on Wednesday, country superstar Kenny Chesney was spotted on the warning track wearing a “Boston Strong” baseball hat. A Red Sox fan since he was a kid growing up in Tennessee, he’s been here plenty of times in the past.

“It’s a product of, oddly enough, where I grew up,” Chesney said. “I didn’t grow up in the Northeast or New England at all. But when I was a kid, growing up we didn’t have cable, so I spent my Saturdays, the only access to baseball I had was ‘This Week in Baseball’ and I looked forward to that as a kid. The only games they had on Saturdays always seemed like the Red Sox or Cincinnati Reds. I loved those two teams growing up. Even playing Little League I wanted to be on either the Reds or the Sox as a kid, so that’s where it started.”

Then came 2004 when the Red Sox erased 86 years of misery and won the World Series.

“In 2004 I became really good friends with Kevin Millar, Mike Timlin and Tim Wakefield, and how can you not love those guys and love that team. I love this city, actually.”