Slight bump in average Sox ticket for 2014

The World Series champion Boston Red Sox announced a 4.8 percent increase in average ticket prices for 2014, unveiling a new variable structure that will increase prices for the most in-demand games and decrease prices for less-desirable games.

Following the disastrous 2011 and 2012 seasons, the Red Sox froze ticket prices. It’s no surprise to see a slight increase after the most improbable championship in franchise history.

The variable pricing structure will raise prices for the top 16 games and lower prices for the least-desirable 16 games. The other 49 games will have a mixture of increases, decreases and prices that stay the same. Among those 16 in-demand games are Opening Day at Fenway Park and Yankees games. Those in the opposite category include weeknight games in April, May and September.

In total, there will be five tiers. The average increase for the 32 games in highest demand will be 17 percent; the average decrease for the 32 games in lower demand will be 12 percent.

The Red Sox will again discount prices for clergy and for veterans and active-duty members of the military.

See the table below for the tier for each home game. A “1” represents the most desirable and “8” the least desirable.