Remy: Support from Sox 'meant a lot'

In an interview Tuesday morning on Boston sports radio station WEEI, Jerry Remy talked about the support he got from the Red Sox while he was on a leave of absence.

Remy, who left the broadcast booth in August after his son was charged with murder, said he had a meeting with team executives about potentially coming back to work toward the end of the 2013 regular season. He ultimately decided it was too soon.

“They backed me 100 percent and told me at that time that I was welcome back to NESN anytime I felt I wanted to come back,” Remy said. “That was encouraging they had that to say at a very difficult time. It also weighed into my decision that I had the backing of my bosses and that it was my decision to make.”

Over the past few months, Remy said he has gotten calls of support from Red Sox owner John Henry. During the playoffs, Remy received messages from manager John Farrell and Sox players.

“I got tremendous support from the ballclub itself. It was an absolute pleasure last year to be around that group of guys. One of the most enjoyable seasons that I personally have had as a broadcaster, to be around that Red Sox ballclub last year,” Remy said. “The individuals were unique, they were down-to-earth, they were competitive, they were just fun to be around.

“During the World Series and playoffs, I was getting text messages from John Farrell. Here’s a guy in the World Series and playoffs who was taking time out to see how I was doing. I was getting messages from players. That meant a lot to me.”

Remy said he didn’t watch any regular-season games after his son was arrested in August, but did watch the Red Sox in the playoffs and World Series.

“I was so happy for them that they were able to complete the goal that they had started on the first day of spring training,” Remy said. “As I said, it was one of the best groups -- and they proved that to me through tough times -- that I have ever been associated with.”