Of Beckett, Ellsbury and lost lunches

CLEVELAND -- A few kernels of news from Terry Francona’s sessions with the media:

* Francona said after the game the preliminary report from Dr. Lewis Yocum after examining Jacoby Ellsbury is that the outfielder needs a “little more time” before he can return to playing. Francona said he would have more information after a conference call with Yocum and Red Sox medical director Thomas Gill.

* Josh Beckett is still on track to throw Saturday, but then again, he may not. It’s all up to him, Francona said. If this were an NFL injury report, list him as “probable’’ to throw.

* Jonathan Papelbon, who is on bereavement/family emergency leave, is expected to rejoin the Sox at home on Friday, meaning he will miss the entire four-game series here. A player on that list can miss a minimum of three games and a maximum of seven, Francona said.

* Daisuke Matsuzaka lost his lunch after long-tossing Wednesday and did not throw a side session. Instead, he returned to the team’s hotel and will throw a lighter side session Thursday. “I don’t know the Japanese word, but he puked,’’ Francona said. “Best part of it was I wasn’t there. Might have been a chain reaction.’’

* Francona offered a comment on Mike Lowell’s playing status, or more precisely, his lack of play.

“We’ve got a third baseman that’s hitting everything in sight,’’ he said. “Our first baseman may be one of the best in the game, and our DH had a month that was unparalleled. The object is to win. I agree, Mike hasn’t played a lot. I certainly understand, but we’re playing good baseball and that’s got to be our first objective.’’