Ring ceremony never gets old

BOSTON -- David Ortiz walked into the clubhouse Monday morning like it was any other day during the regular season.

This will be his third World Series ring ceremony during his Red Sox career. For a few of his teammates, it will be their second. But for those who won in 2007, this time around is bit different. Pitcher Jon Lester and second baseman Dustin Pedroia made significant contributions in ’07, but winning a second World Series title proves the first one wasn’t a fluke.

Pedroia sat at his locker early Friday lacing up his gold-bottomed spikes (three-time Gold Glove winners can wear those) and said he’s looking forward to seeing his second World Series ring. Lester concurred.

“It’s going to be pretty cool,” Lester said. “Just from what I remember from ’08, being able to be a part of that in different circumstances. I think this one means, obviously they all mean a lot, but this one means a little bit more. It’ll be pretty cool and I’m excited for it. You sit around all offseason thinking what the ring’s going to look like, so it’ll be pretty cool to go out there and get it and celebrate one last time, and after today we move on for good and think about 2014.”

Red Sox catcher David Ross admitted this will be the last time the 2013 team can celebrate what it accomplished last season. In fact, he was sporting a T-shirt that read: “Turn the F__ Page.”

“Opening Day for me is one of the best things in baseball,” Ross said. “It’s probably at the top of my list, especially home openers and then you’re talking about a home opener with a World Series ring -- that’s a goal for a home opener. I’m just excited and looking forward to all the festivities. I’m looking forward to getting the ring and then getting the game going. We’re excited.”

Across the clubhouse, Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli was sporting a brand new 10-gallon Stetson cowboy hat that teammate John Lackey purchased for all the players. Lackey joked that he was going to wear it during the pregame ceremony. The cowboy hats have a 2013 World Series logo on the inside brim.

“It’s going to be an exciting day,” Napoli said. “There’s going to be a lot of family and friends here and it should be a pretty good ceremony.”

There will be a few special guests on Monday, including former pitcher Ryan Dempster. He decided to retire at the start of spring training but he’s in town and looking forward to receiving his ring with his teammates.

"It’s going to be a special moment, something you play your whole career for," said Dempster. "Some guys in here are lucky enough to already have [a World Series ring], but this is going to be the first time for me, so I’m excited.”