New day, new position: Holt starts in RF

BOSTON -- Brock Holt's continued shuffle across the Red Sox's infield and outfield will take him to uncharted territories on Saturday.

Facing Cleveland Indians left-hander T.J. House, Holt will be making his first career start in right field. Perhaps more notable, it will be his first experience manning Fenway Park's cavernous right field.

"Brock is in right in large part because Jonny [Gomes] has played left field so well here," Red Sox manager John Farrell said. "Wanted to keep that continuity with Jonny in left. Even though we've moved Brock around some, we feel like we can take advantage of his speed and added range in right field if it's needed."

Since Mike Napoli's return from the disabled list Sunday, Holt has primarily spent his time in left field, with the only exception being giving Xander Bogaerts a day off at third Thursday night. Having returned to left for Friday's contest, Holt will now be the playing a third position in the past three days.

Farrell praised Holt's "ability to adapt" as a reason for entrusting the 26-year-old with right-field duties.

"Throwing him in the outfield with really no lead-up or repetition at the minor league level prior to coming here," Farrell said, "and then quickly we saw some of the reads and routes he's made, particularly over in Detroit. Makes another good running catch last night. It's his ability to adapt to a new position as quick as he has -- that's the thing that's been most surprising."

Farrell added, "We felt he could move around and be a utility type. He's exceeded the versatility on the defensive side right now."

In his five outfield starts thus far, Holt has faced six total chances without committing an error.

Here's how the rest of the Red Sox lineup shakes out for Saturday:

1. Brock Holt (RF)

2. Xander Bogaerts (3B)

3. Dustin Pedroia (2B)

4. David Ortiz (DH)

5. Mike Napoli (1B)

6. Jonny Gomes (LF)

7. A.J. Pierzynski (C)

8. Jonathan Herrera (SS)

9. Jackie Bradley, Jr. (CF)

Jake Peavy (SP)