No timetable for Victorino's return

BOSTON -- Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino (hamstring, back) said there’s no timetable for his return to the lineup, but that he hopes to return before the All-Star break.

“There is no time frame. We haven’t put one together,” Victorino said. “If it was me it would be tomorrow. I want it to be sooner than later, but I think from an aspect of making sure that I’m ready and healthy to play the rest of the way, I have no time frame, there’s no timetable. But I’m hoping by the end of this homestand is my goal. As soon as I can, as many games as I can. If it’s one game before the All-Star break, one game before the [end] of this homestand or a week from now, I’ll be ready to go. I’m going to let my body dictate that.”

That comes after manager John Farrell announced during the weekend that the rehab stints of both Victorino and Will Middlebrooks had been shut down.

With the team’s return to Boston, Victorino got in some running in the outfield prior to batting practice.

“Slow, but aggressive,” Victorino said of his rehab plan going forward. “We’re going to try to get out there as fast as we can, yet we don’t want something to resurface. But everything else, in regards to the hamstring, that’s originally why I was on the DL, feels good.”

The issue that prompted Victorino’s setback, however, is another issue.

When meeting with reporters on Monday, the 33-year-old said he doesn’t believe the slipped disc in his back is related to the back issues he experienced last season. But it has added to his displeasure with what has become a truncated season.

“If I didn’t have that surgery, if I didn’t have that two-month period where I had to sit there and not do things in regard to training, keeping myself in shape or getting myself into baseball-ready shape,” Victorino said, “if I sit there and I think about those things I’m going to drive myself even crazier than I already am.”

Victorino mused about the direction his season has gone. Along with the frustration of being held out, he also confessed to becoming a bit stir crazy.

“I have to sit on the couch, watch the games,” Victorino said. “For reasons, I don’t want to be seen out. People invited me to come to the concerts or go out of the house, but I don’t want to be seen because I don’t want people to think, ‘His team is playing and he’s …”

He continued, “No, I have to sit in my house literally for 11 days and not really be seen out in public because of that reason and [out of] respect for my teammates.”