Pedroia may miss Yankees series

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- As expected, Dustin Pedroia sat out a second straight game Monday with concussion symptoms, and manager John Farrell said it would be “optimistic” to expect him to play this week in New York against the Yankees.

“He’s a little bit better, yet he still has some symptoms,’’ Farrell said Monday morning.

“Clearly, it’s a day to day thing. He’s probably at least another day away from any kind of exertion tests or any kind of ramping up of the heart rate to see how he does. He’s still sore from where the impact [occurred] on the side of the head.’’

Pedroia has not played since the second inning Saturday night, when he was injured on a tag play at second base. Rays base-runner Logan Forsythe, who had tagged up on a fly ball and came into second base with a head-first slide, struck Pedroia in the head with his right forearm when Pedroia turned to apply the tag.

With rosters expanding on Monday, the Sox have no procedural need to place Pedroia on the seven-day disabled list, but Pedroia still must be cleared medically through MLB’s concussion protocol before he can return.

“Like I mentioned, we’ll be cautious with this,’’ Farrell said. “If he returns sometime in the Yankee series that’s optimistic. Not ruling it out. Dustin may have a different view of that right now.’’