Six quick hits: Adrian Beltre

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Six quick hits with Adrian Beltre, the new third baseman who arrived in camp Monday morning:

1. On his health (Beltre had shoulder surgery last June, his second procedure on the shoulder in nine months): “I’m as good as I can be.’’

2. On replacing Mike Lowell even as Lowell remains on the roster: “I’ve always had a lot of respect for Mike Lowell…He hasn’t been healthy the last couple of years. It’s the organization’s decision, not my decision. I hope he gets healthy and contributes the best he can. Hopefully, it turns out for the best for the Red Sox.’’

3. The two-time Gold Glover, on his approach to playing the position: “My mindset is I want to make every play.’’

4. On the warm greeting he got from David Ortiz, before he circled the clubhouse, introducing himself: “It makes it easier. I played against team a lot. There’s a bunch of great guys. I feel real comfortable here, knowing everybody on the same page.’’

5. On how long it will take to becoming acclimated to a new shortstop, Marco Scutaro: “That’s what spring training is for. Sometimes, it can take just two days, knowing the player you’re playing next to.’’

6. On leaving the Mariners, and his anticipation of the intensity of Boston: “When you spend five years in an organization, it’s not easy to part ways. I left a lot of great guys over there, some great people over there, coaches and players. It’s hard to say goodbye to those guys, (but) I don’t think on paper they have as great a team as we do. I think my chances here are better than over there. Here is where I want to be.’’

On Boston’s intensity: "How can you prepare yourself for that? You don’t live it until you’re there.’’