Six quick hits: Mike Lowell

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Six quick hits with Mike Lowell as he spoke to the media Wednesday.

1. How's the hip? He said his hip is “10 times stronger than it was” at this time last season. Last year he said he lost explosiveness, especially on making a first step to his left, and acknowledged that it’s still an issue. The thumb is a minor concern, he said. He has started swinging and believes he could play in the first exhibition, but likely will be four or five days behind.

2. Just a memory: He good-naturedly mocked someone for asking him for his memories of Boston.

“I’m not dead,’’ he said. “I have a lot of good memories, but that doesn’t mean it’s over.

“I'm pretty set that all things were going to come to an end sooner or later. I didn't think I was going to play forever. I really haven't stopped to think how I feel. I'm actually excited. I enjoy being on the field, seeing my teammates. I had dinner with Pedroia and Jacoby. Have I enjoyed Boston? Of course, I enjoyed Boston. I never said I haven't. There are still six weeks left in the spring. Things happen, whether they go your way or not. Things have pretty much gone my way my whole career. I'll have no regrets whichever way things go.’’

3. Strange days: Yes, he said, it was a strange offseason, and he expects that the Red Sox will showcase him to other clubs.

“Strange in the sense, yeah, I thought I was going to Texas, that's a little different. I think I've been in some rumors before. I think when you're on a plane going to Texas it becomes a little closer than most times.

“If I was on the trading block before, I can't imagine all of a sudden I'm not now. My health is something that I obviously need to show to the Red Sox and every other team. If that opens the door to something else, I'll go wherever I go or stay wherever I stay.’’

4. Meeting with the boss: He heard nothing in his meeting Tuesday with GM Theo Epstein that he didn’t expect to hear.

“Very status quo,’’ he said. “We basically could have gone without the meeting and I pretty much knew where I stood and he knew how I feel.’'

5. Backup plan: The Red Sox have not indicated they see him as a backup.

“I've never been approached to say that's in their plans. But like I said, if I'm definitely healthier at this point than last year, I don't know why I should have less at-bats.’'

6. Feeling insulted: He was asked if he was insulted by the process.

“I don't think it matters what I feel about that. I know they're trying to go in a direction which they think will make the team better, and the player always takes a back seat to those decisions. I don't really feel I win out by saying, 'What a great decision this is, or what a poor decision.' I'm highly motivated to show I can play. Where that takes me I don't know. We'll see.’’