Lackey: Red Sox 'more hands on'

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- When John Lackey was with the Angels, manager Mike Scioscia made sure every spring to pull a stunt, usually with rookies, that was guaranteed to make the club laugh. Lackey himself was victim of one, when Scioscia posted his college grades on the bulletin board and made him take an algebra test because he'd gotten a failing grade, having skipped the final because he was about to be drafted.

Here's Lackey telling one of his favorites, one in which the supposed victims turned the tables on the manager:

“A couple of young guys made a video. They had to go to a Renaissance festival, but stole one of Scioscia’s jerseys. They had this one huge fat guy at the festival wear Scioscia’s jersey, and he was walking around eating a big turkey leg. That was pretty hilarious. That was one of the better ones.’’

Besides the degree of hilarity, Lackey acknowledged a couple of differences in Red Sox camp after spending his entire career doing things the Angel way.

"There’s definitely some differences, for sure,'' he said. "There’s more hands on, more available training staff for sure. The workouts are more outlined, I guess. There's something particular to do every day.

"Over there [with the Angels], I’d been around for a while, I kind of knew what I had to do.''

From the day he signed, he said, he's been on trainer Mike Reinold's shoulder-strengthening program.

"I've liked it so far. He gave me the book to take home when I was in Boston to sign, and I'm all for it.''

Going through conditioning testing, he said, was also a new one.

"Hadn't done it since minor-league camp 8 years ago,'' he said. "I didn’t know anything about, but it wasn’t a big deal.''

The throwing program here also has variations from what he'd done in the past.

"They kind of take it a little bit easier here on your off day here as far as throwing,'' he said. "That’s kind of nice. We threw a little more each day over there a lot of times. There was more throwing in drills, like throwing to bases, that kind of stuff.''