Lowell out of lineup again

NEW YORK – Red Sox first baseman Mike Lowell is not in the lineup for the second consecutive game. He was struck in the temple by a ground ball Friday and removed from the game a half-inning later.

Lowell was examined by doctors and the results showed he did not suffer a concussion. Red Sox manager Terry Francona spoke with head trainer Mike Reinold this afternoon, and the two decided it would be best to give Lowell another day off.

Francona said Lowell is available off the bench if needed.

“As long as there’s nothing that creeps up -- a headache or any problems -- he would certainly be available,” Francona said.

“As long as he’s OK, we’re facing some lefties in Chicago, he’ll play. He just got a pretty good jar to the temple. Although it hurt and it looked scary, it doesn't seem like there are any ill effects. Now, if he came to me and said he was having a tough time focusing or felt like he was a half-second late, we would stay away from him."