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Kasten connected Obama to Doc Rivers

August, 25, 2013
Stan Kasten, the Dodgers president and CEO who previously held the same posts for the Washington Nationals, shared this story involving President Barack Obama, Doc Rivers and Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg.

"It was, I guess, three years ago -- 2010," Kasten said. "We had drafted Strasburg the year before and it was June when we called Strasburg up, and he was a national phenomenon, as you recall. So now it's late June, a Thursday night, and the Celtics lose Game 7 here in L.A. to the Lakers. I'm still close, and have been all these years, with Doc Rivers. He played for me in Atlanta, I was at his wedding. So I text him the next morning: 'I love you, great, great season.' He texted me back. 'Thanks. I'm going to come see your kid pitch as soon as I get a chance.'

"That night, a Friday night we're in interleague play, we're playing the White Sox -- the president's team. And he also hasn't seen Strasburg pitch, so the president comes to the game.

"So I'm up in the suite, chatting with him and I happen to mention that I had texted Doc that morning. The president is a basketball guy, a Chicago guy. So is Doc. And the president says, 'You know, I tried to call him because I don't call just the winners, I also call the losers, but I couldn't get through.'

"So he says, 'Can you get him?' I'm thinking, no way the Secret Service is going to let him talk on an unsecured phone, but he says, 'If you can get him, I'll talk to him.'

"I'm thinking, Doc is like a player. You can't get him on the phone, you've got to text. But I get my phone, I hit the numbers, three rings, Doc answers. 'Hey, Stan, how you doing?'

"I go, 'Doc, I love you, I'm proud of ya, I want to talk to you, but I've got someone sitting next to me who wants to say hello.'

"And -- I've always wanted to say this -- 'Will you hold for the president?'

"And I handed him my phone, and he talks to him."

Now Kasten's voice gets louder. "On my phone! Because the president could not get through to him! Only I could!"

Postscript to the story: Kasten said he kept it to himself, until he heard that Rivers had told a bunch of friends back home at his country club in Orlando, Fla. Rivers said he'd seen the "202” area code when the president had called, Kasten said, "but he thought it was me."

"And now he's here," Kasten said of Rivers, the new coach of the Clippers.

Kasten said Rivers had not been out to see the Dodgers yet. Might he come this weekend for the Red Sox series? Kasten gave it his best Cheshire smile. "You never know," he said.

Doc Rivers inspires Jackie Bradley Jr.

January, 12, 2013
For their rookie development program this past week, the Red Sox brought in one speaker from the outside: Celtics coach Doc Rivers.

"Doc was amazing," said outfield prospect Jackie Bradley Jr. "Oh my goodness, it's powerful, man. Yeah, yeah, yeah. After hearing his speech I wanted to say forget baseball, I'm going to play some basketball. It was great to hear him talk."

At 5-foot-10, Bradley is no threat to defect to the NBA, but his appreciation for Rivers was infectious.

"He talked about knowing your role and accepting it," Bradley said. "Knowing what you are, being confident no matter what, people encouraging you through tough times. Everyone goes through tough times. They make you a better person and sometimes a better player.

"I liked the reference he used about how, when people see things, they see the start time and the dash. What are you going to do between the start and the dash?"

Rivers has spoken to Sox rookies in the past.

"Doc has been very generous to us and the rookie program," said Red Sox director of player development Ben Crockett. "He brings an inspiring talk to these guys, and hits a lot of key points that are important to us and important to him and the Celtics."

New Sox special assistant Jason Varitek also addressed the team Friday and is expected to spend time in both the big league and minor league camps in spring training.

Ortiz a Celtic?

February, 28, 2011
FORT MYERS, Fla. -- If the Boston Celtics are looking for some help at center position, Red Sox slugger David Ortiz would be willing to give it a shot.

Prior to today’s Grapefruit League game against the Minnesota Twins, Ortiz said he recently had a dream that he played for the Celtics and scored 12 points in 22 minutes against the Miami Heat.

“The crowd was going crazy,” he said.

Ortiz said he played a lot when he was a kid and loves “taking it to the house.”

Whole lotta love for Doc from Tito

June, 1, 2010
BOSTON -- It doesn’t take much prompting for Terry Francona to express his admiration for Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers.

The topic arose during Francona’s pregame session Tuesday afternoon, when WBZ4’s Steve Burton asked if Boston’s championship coaches -- Bill Belichick, Doc Rivers -- have reached out to Francona.

“Bill’s never checked in and asked if they should blitz more or anything like that,’’ Francona said, “nor would I expect him to. Me and Doc communicate from time to time, just because we’ve become pretty good friends.’’

Their schedules don’t permit much socializing, he said, but they have stayed in touch.

“Doc has an amazing way -- some of the messages I get, the timing of them is incredible, and what they say,’’ Francona said. “I think we’ve kind of developed a friendship there. I’ve tried to do the same thing to him.’’

Francona said that last Friday night, after the Sox had dropped a tough game to Kansas City, he made a point of texting his congratulations to Rivers when the Celts eliminated the Magic to advance to the finals.

“I purposely sat at the rotary,’’ said Francona, who said he has lousy cell reception at home. “I wanted to be one of the first ones to tell him congratulations but I didn’t want to be too quick. So I endured all the people flipping me off and then sent him a note saying, ‘Way to go.’

“Because I do care. I’m a big fan of the Celtics, but I’m a big Doc fan. I like the way he handles everything.’’

Rivers spoke to the Sox rookie development program, with Francona in attendance.

“I love it when he talks,’’ Francona said. “He has a lot to say that’s really interesting.

“We laughed when he was done, because all the things I believe in, I agree with. I hope I get it across to the guys the way he does, because I think he’s tremendous.’’

His respect for Rivers, he said, has little to do with the team’s won-loss record.

“I just like what he stands for, the way he treats his players,’’ he said. “I’m looking from the outside, but in talking to him once in a while, knowing the challenges of not just this town...

“I love basketball. I don’t pretend to know if he should play zone or man-to-man. Like I said, getting to know him the amount I have, I’m a big fan of his

“I liked the Celtics even before I knew what Doc was about,’’ said Francona, who noted that he’s the type of fan who stays up to watch the Celts play Golden State on the West Coast. “You can’t help what gets your juices flowing. Since I’ve gotten to know him, I have a lot of respect for how he does things, and continue to have more as I get to know him better.’’