Jagr reflects on time with Rangers

BOSTON -- Jaromir Jagr was in a mood to reminisce Wednesday as he prepared to face his former team, the New York Rangers, in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Jagr was asked if there's any between his play now and when he spent four seasons with the Blueshirts in 2004-2008, including a brilliant 54 goals and 123 points in 2005-06.

"I'm not good now. I was a lot better hockey player then, when I was in New York," Jagr said with a laugh. "Of course I'm different. I am honest. I cannot lie."

But the jovial Jagr -- who many say is more laidback these days than when he was playing in the Big Apple -- had nothing but good things to say about his time with the Rangers.

"I have a lot of good memories in New York," Jagr said. "All of the years, we made the playoffs. In the first year nobody believed we could make the playoffs, and we did it. My first year was [Henrik Lundqvist's] first year and Tom Renney's first year as a coach. We had such a good group of players and we surprised everybody. Such good memories in that hockey time for me."

Speaking of Lundqvist, he could be the biggest obstacle the Bruins face in trying to advance to the Eastern Conference finals. Lundqvist enters the series on the heels of two shutout wins in the Rangers' seven-game series win over the Capitals and can easily steal a series.

"He's just a good goalie," Jagr said of the goalie known as King Henrik. "I never studied the goalie position and I've never been a goalie coach, so I don't know why he's good. He's good because he stops most of the pucks. He's tough to score on and he doesn't make mistakes. As far as he goes, the team goes. It's always been like that since I was there. He's the most important guy on that team."