Bruins need a follow-up performance

BOSTON -- The Celtics set the stage. Now it’s up to the Bruins to close the curtain.

After the Celtics dismissed the Cleveland Cavaliers from the Eastern Conference semifinals at TD Garden Thursday night, the Bruins have a chance do to the same to Philadelphia Flyers tonight.

In the midst of the Celtics’ celebration, Ray Allen had a message to his fellow Garden residents. The veteran said the Celtics’ victory served as a warmup for the Bruins.

When Bruins coach Claude Julien ask what he thought of Allen’s comments, he agreed with him.

“Hopefully they [Celtics] did warm [the fans] up and hopefully, when we start the game tonight, we can keep them warm,” said Julien. “That’s probably the biggest message I would give our players right now, is that we talked about our start and how important that is. That’s something that we have to be better at tonight, being ready to go right off the get-go. Drop the puck and let’s start taking the play to them. We just got to show that we’re ready and we know that we’re going to get some resistance there from a team that’s played well and we just need to be ready and up for the task and push forward.”