Ryder: 'Psyched to be playing at this time of year'

BOSTON -- Usually at this time of the year, Bruins winger Michael Ryder is home with his friends in his native Bonavista, Newfoundland watching the conference finals of the Stanley Cup playoffs. But after knocking on the door in five of his first six NHL seasons (with Montreal and Boston), Ryder finds himself on a Bruins team that is on their deepest playoff run since 1992.

“It’s weird for sure because I’ve been really close to this point a lot and yeah, usually I’m home watching the playoffs so it’s nice to be playing still,” Ryder said. “Now instead of wondering what it’s like to be playing now I am and it’s fun. I’m really excited.”

Ryder finds himself peppered with ticket requests from those buddies back home wanting to experience what live hockey is like in mid-May and he has had to turn down plenty of requests.

“You only get so many so it’s been hard for sure to say no,” Ryder said. “Everyone wants to go to the games and we only get so many free tickets or even paid ones.”

It’s a position Ryder doesn’t mind being in at all. While both of his two playoff goals came in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals against Montreal, Ryder still feels revitalized and is enjoying this playoff ride.

“I really have that confidence back for sure,” Ryder said. “I’m playing my game and while I haven’t scored since then, our line of Pevs [Rich Peverley] and Kells [Chris Kelly] and me have had plenty of chances. I’m skating hard and I feel great out there. ... I’m just psyched to be playing at this time of year.”