Bruins just want to focus on hockey

BOSTON -- The Bruins made it clear today that they are not out for revenge for Aaron Rome’s series-ending hit on Nathan Horton. The Bruins said they won't partake in any biting shenanigans like the ones that got out of hand in Game 3 as they taunted back and forth with Canucks players in response to Canucks forward Alexandre Burrows biting Bruins center Patrice Bergeron in Game 1.

“No. 1, he’s not forgotten,” head coach Claude Julien said of Horton after his team’s morning skate. “On the other hand, I don’t think you have to focus on what’s happened more than what needs to happen here in this next game. We desperately need a win to get ourselves back in this series. That’s where our focus is. It’s certainly not going to be about looking for revenge. Justice has been served, so there’s no other reason to look for more.”

As for the taunting, Julien said it before Game 3 that he wouldn’t tolerate it from his team and when his players did take part in it during the game, he let them have it afterwards. Now he is hoping the two teams can just play some hockey.

“Yeah, it's unfortunate,” Julien said of the taunting. “Like I said, I said it the other morning, I was one of those guys that voiced my opinion that I wouldn't accept it. I certainly didn't share that with my team. Consequently, we were responsible for a couple of those. Obviously it was clear after the game what I expected from our guys. I’m certainly not a guy that encourages that kind of stuff.

I think there's been some pretty exciting hockey, when you look at the physicality of the game, the goals that have been scored, how both teams are just putting everything on the line. I think we need to focus more on that than the other stuff that's been making headlines there. I don't think we need that in our sport. Mike Murphy was absolutely right in sending us that message to both teams. We need to sell this game in a proper way. The hockey itself is exciting enough without needing that.”

Winger David Krejci is more worried about filling the scoring void left by his injured linemate. Krejci knows the whole team will need to step it up in Game 4.

“It’s not easy to play without one of your best players,” Krejci said. “But everybody knows that we have to step up our game and play for him, too. I think last game we did exactly that. We didn’t care, we just went out there and played the game and won it for him. Everybody was chipping in and that’s what happened and that’s what is going to happen tonight.”