Savard: There was intent to injure

BOSTON -- Bruins forward Marc Savard just addressed the media for the first time since suffering a Grade 2 concussion from a blind-side hit by the Penguins' Matt Cooke on March 7 in Pittsburgh.

“I think it was a play that didn’t need to happen," said Savard. The situation, to me, it wasn’t a shoulder... Mine was an elbow and I think there was a little intent to injure there. I was obviously very unhappy with what happened, and I think it could have been avoided very easily.”

When the Penguins were in Boston last week, Cooke said he didn't intend to hurt Savard and wanted to apologize for the incident.

Savard's not buying it.

"He's tried and has tried to get my phone number and stuff like that," Savard said. "From what happened, I really don't, at the moment, have any interest in talking to him. That's just how I feel. Maybe down the road, but right now I'm not feeling any better so I would rather not talk to him."